Food Analysis Information Sheet

Food Analysis Information Sheet

Labeling of Samples

Information needed by the lab to properly process your sample includes:

  • Customer Name
  • Mailing Address (for sending the signed original copy of certificate of analysis)
  • Phone, facsimile numbers &/or email address
  • Identify the sample collection site (example: well/your address)
  • Date and time of sample collection

Test Results

Results from the standard bacteria test are available within 72 hours. Other types of microbiology tests and the chemistry analyses are usually available within 10 working days.

Payment for Services

Clients who are not on account must prepay for lab services. Check, cash, VISA. debit card or e-Transfer can accomplish this. Payment must be received before results are released. Clients with an established MBL account in good standing will be invoiced for services rendered upon completion and release of results.

Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping samples to the laboratory is the responsibility of the client.

Shipping Instructions

All samples should be kept cold, NOT frozen. Microbiology samples must reach laboratory within 30 hours of sampling. Do not mail samples. Shipping via air cargo, please mark package “Call on Arrival”. MBL staff will ensure prompt delivery to the laboratory from the Victoria International Airport.

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