Accreditations, Certifications & Performance Testing

We're Committed to The Best

MB Laboratories is committed to providing the highest quality of work and results to our customers. We have acquired a variety of accreditations so our clients can feel confident in the results provided to them by MB Laboratories. MB Laboratories is evaluated on a routine basis by specific regulatory agencies, and holds certification from numerous governing bodies. See below for a full list; should you have further questions, please contact us.

Health Canada

Narcotics – Federal Analytical Facility
  • License #2018/6-818
Cannabis Regulations - Analytical Testing License
  • License #LIC-C8J8GGF6E7-2018

Public Health Agency of Canada

Human Pathogen & Toxins
Water Microbiology Testing Laboratory

We are accredited by the following organizations and programs:

  • BC Ministry of Environment’s EDQA Program
  • BC Ministry of Health
  • CDC - Elite Legionella
  • Public Works Canada

The laboratory also participates in a number of other certifications and performance testing programs including:

  • Canadian Microbiology Performance Testing
  • Canadian Analytical Laboratory Association (CALA)
  • Environment Canada – Environment & Climate Chg Can Performance Testing Program
  • US FDA Performance Testing Program
  • Emerald Scientific Cannabis Proficiency Testing