Compost & Biosolids Screen

Compost & Biosolids Screen - Microbiology Components

Used to evaluate the safety of compost or bio-solids for use as agricultural or gardening soil supplements.


Total Staph coag+ve Staph lactose fermentors fecal coliforms Enterococci (fecal Strep) Salmonella Pseudomonas spp Total P.aerogenosa TPC*
n/a 50/gm n/a 20/gm 5/gm 0/gm n/a 10/gm n/a

Notes: Agriculture Canada (FP&I) is concerned with potential spread of plant pathogens and pests (eg. gypsy moth). For material that is considered high risk, tests for specific pathogens can be conducted or a bio-assay (eg radish & watercress) for toxicity and pathogens can be conducted.

A further suggestion (from EPA) was a concern with potential parasites. This remains a concern for a product known as "Zoodoo" which is quite popular in Washington State. It is unclear if the Hartland compost (or backyard compost) would present a significant risk of spreading parasites. Individual circumstance may warrant investigation on a need to know basis.

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