Sampling & Reporting

Sample Reception

Samples received by the laboratory before 4pm will be processed into the laboratory the same day. Samples will still be accepted until 5pm, but may not begin processing until the next business day.

Samples received by, or delivered to the laboratory after hours or on weekends/holidays will be accepted, however processing of these samples is dependent on the availability of laboratory staff. Same day set-up and processing must be prearranged.

24 hour access to the laboratory for sample drop-off and the procurement of sampling equipment can be arranged for authorized professionals only.

Note: MB Laboratories Ltd. reserves the right to refuse samples.

Sample Requirements:

In order to properly process your sample(s), we require the following information about your sample(s):

  • Customer Name (and those authorized to receive results)
  • Mailing Address (for sending the signed original copy of certificate of analysis)
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Identify the sample collection site (example: well/your address)
  • Date and time of sample collection

Sampling Equipment:

The laboratory maintains specialized equipment for field sampling. The equipment is available to qualified professionals on a first come, first serve basis at no charge provided that our laboratory performs the analysis. Damage to, or loss of equipment is the responsibility of the professional using the equipment


Analytical results will be reported to the client or an agent of the client (with written consent from the client) by email during office hours. The signed original certificate of analysis will be sent to the client by post upon request. A professional staff member may be recalled to authorize the release of results after hours, or on weekends/holidays. This service will incur a service charge of $270.00 in addition to analytical charges.

We typically estimate a 3-5 business days to receive Microbiology results, or up to 10 business days to receive Chemistry results.


All client results are maintained in strict confidence. Access to client records is restricted to employees of MB Laboratories Ltd. only. Reports or copies of the results will only be released to the client, or to an agent or party designated specifically by the client in writing.

Note: Preliminary results will not be released.

Shipping Instructions

All samples should be kept cold, NOT frozen. Microbiology samples must reach laboratory within 30 hours of sampling. MBL staff will ensure prompt delivery to the laboratory from the Victoria International Airport.

Laboratory Shipping Address

M.B. Laboratories Ltd
2062 W. Henry Ave
Sidney, BC, V8L 5Y1


Tel: (250) 656-1334

NOTE: MB Laboratories Ltd is a full-service analytical laboratory. The laboratory is Human Pathogen and Toxin Act (HPTA) registered and licensed as a biological and toxin containment facility. This is a legal requirement for many of the types of services we can provide for you. This is also why all containers and products that enter the laboratory, cannot be returned to you

Be sure to contact the laboratory if you are unsure of any of these instructions or for further consultation prior to collecting or sending a sample.