Best Practices - Milk & Dairy Product Samples


Good Production Practices Before you Sample Products

As a producer, you should ALWAYS lot date each production batch and keep a sample in appropriate storage for the entire anticipated shelf-life of the product. This is called a library sample.This sample now provides an un-tampered sample in the event that one is needed. Later it can be used for marketing, organo-leptic evaluations or shelf-life.

Good production records will demonstrate appropriate process control and awareness of product behavior and safety.

Customer compliments and comments should be recorded and treated with respect. They are always useful.

In the event that a customer complains that a product made them feel ill, ALWAYS record product & lot number, when consumed, symptoms, dates and contact information. Secure product from customer if possible and tag the library sample. DO NOT freeze samples unless they are already received or normally stored frozen such as ice cream. Classic food poisoning outbreaks will typically have 3 or more unrelated people with symptoms. Many people will blame the last thing consumed as the first thing to be targeted when they get sick. Your records, safety records and knowledge will be extremely important. Call the laboratory and ask to speak to a professional to help sort through your responsibilities and what you will need to do.

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