President's Message: COVID-19

A Message From Our President:
Supporting our clients and communities through COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope you and yours are healthy and safe. Our thoughts and hopes go out to those affected by this virus and all those on the frontlines continuing to serve our communities during these challenging times.

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and we are taking additional steps to do our part in responding to the public health crisis to keep customers and our employees safe.

You rely upon us to provide essential analytical laboratory testing and we want to ensure that you continue to have access to these services. As a laboratory, our staff is trained to handle potential pathogens and chemicals on a routine basis. We maintain clean, safe facilities that ensure safety for both clients and staff as part of our mandate.

Encouraging safe practices for everyone.

We continue to accept samples by drop-in, courier, air freight or mail.
We request that if you are not well or in self-quarantine, please stay home until you are sure you are not a carrier of this virus. If your samples are urgent, arrange delivery by a friend or courier.
You are welcome to drop off your samples or pick up bottles in our office. We ask you to respect our staff and others in the office and keep social distancing. If you would be more comfortable or prefer to limit contact time, we will have a cooler outside the front door to drop off your samples. Please ensure you label your sample(s) and enclose either a completed chain of custody or note with your name, contact information, sample description, date, time and tests that you are requesting. Our staff will contact you to secure payment and verify your information.
We are actively monitoring our practices on walk-in traffic during this period and will communicate any further changes to our practices.

Through these unprecedented times, I would like to thank you for your understanding and patience as we ensure the necessary precautions are in place to protect both you and our employees.

On behalf of MB Laboratories Ltd, I want to extend my utmost appreciation and admiration to all of the front-line medical services, our employees, our couriers, our partner customers -all who are working tirelessly in the face of this pandemic.

We recognize that this is a challenging situation that is changing on a daily basis. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to do our part in supporting the health care system and the communities we serve.

Please be safe and stay healthy.